Regular/Work in Progress Posters

Submission Deadline – Thursday 30 April 2015

Work in progress posters – Latest announcement added 16th April 2015

Notification of Acceptance – Tuesday 5 May 2015 

There will be limited space for work-in-progress posters at the 25th International Colloquium on the Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems.  In order to submit a work-in-progress poster, please follow carefully the submission guidelines below.

As with the regular papers, the submissions for the one-page (500 word maximum) abstracts for work-in-progress posters will be handled through the review website of Confmaster; it has been reopened to accept work-in-progress.  Simply type or cut-and-paste the abstract into the box of the submission webpage.

The website for work-in-progress poster submission is now open here – upload your poster here. If you are a new user you will need to sign up and recover a password.

Poster dimensions
Poster boards will be provided for both regular and work-in-progress posters.  The boards measure 186 cm high and 91 cm wide.  This size poster board will accommodate an A0 portrait sized poster (119 cm high x 84 cm wide) or A1 sized poster (84 cm  x 59 cm) in either the landscape or portrait mode.  We recommend single sheet posters for easy mounting/dismounting.